2009: Holly Rumble’s Mobile Disco

This took place at 12.45pm on Saturday 6th June as part of the Pulse Fringe Festival Ipswich.

mobile disco inbox

Participants texted ‘DISCO’ to my phone, in exchange for details of the time and place, and a sound sample. The sample was sent to 75 people in advance of the day. It was a minute-long recording of the Disco function on an 80s Casiotone keyboard. At 12.45pm I pressed play on my phone, and the tinny speakers broadcast the sound. Around the room a handful of other phones went off, as the other participants joined in. The rhythm changed and pulsed as new phones started playing, and gradually died out after about 4 minutes. Unfortunately, this performance wasn’t as successful as its rehearsal at Colchester Arts Centre because there weren’t enough general passers by, and the 10-15 people in the small room at the time were mainly participants. However, I did enjoy the fact that somewhere, 75 people have a Casiotone composition on their phones, and participated in the performance at the initial remote level.

Thanks to Stephen Freeman (Pulse Director) and Julia Devonshire (Town Hall Galleries) for all their help.

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