2012: Alternative Site Survey, Firstsite

23/06/12 Firstsite, Colchester

I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct my own ‘survey’ of the gallery, as part of the Love Architecture festival (http://www.lovearchitecture.org/). I used one of the learning spaces as a base to collate my findings throughout the day, using the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard to make a map of the building. First, I surveyed the gallery for electromagnetic fields, which I recorded and then installed in the learning space. The most interesting sounds came from the fields around the de-humidifier in gallery 4, and the portable gallery radios the staff carried.

The second part of the day was exploring an aspect of the Hear a Pin Drop Here piece which will be in Edinburgh in August. I was specifically surveying the different types of floor surface in the gallery in terms of their ability to make a pin resonate when dropped. I gathered the results in the form of survey sheets and floor rubbings, and again added the locations to the map on the chalkboard.

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