2013: Passing Pluto

A performance which took place at The Minories, Colchester (1st February 2013), and at [Live] Art Club, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich Arts Centre (17th May 2013):

Whales communicate at a frequency too low for humans to hear, and their song carries vast distances through the oceans. A recording of whalesong is included on The Golden Record, currently hurtling through space on the Voyager 2 spacecraft. This performance lecture explores these startling distances, and attempts to visualize the enormous soundwaves of whalesong using threads, lights, and the space within the walls of the Minories.

passing pluto 1 passing pluto 2 passing pluto 3 passing pluto 4



Norwich Arts Centre:

Passing Pluto NAC1 Passing Pluto NAC2 Passing Pluto NAC3 Passing Pluto NAC4 Passing Pluto NAC5 Passing Pluto NAC6 Passing Pluto NAC7

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