2012 onwards: Hear a Pin Drop Here

Over the course of six days in August I carefully surveyed all of the city centre streets and alleyways during the Edinburgh festivals to try to find places where you can actually hear a pin drop. The map above shows the 79 successful results.

I then took the project to Yokohama in February 2013, where I found 110 locations in six days, and then to Battersea Arts Centre in June 2013.

I then devised a version for small groups: ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’ workshops, at Monomania (Cambridge Junction and Aid&Abet), Saturday 8th March 2014.


For more details, please visit the website: http://www.hearapindrophere.com

This project was developed with support from Arts Council England, Escalator East to Edinburgh and Battersea Arts Centre.


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