2010 onwards: One Minute Birdwatching

One Minute Birdwatching

A noisy, fun, and very short birdwatching session.

The rules are:

1. Start when instructed.

2. Whenever you see a bird, say either its name (if you know it), or ‘bird’ (if you don’t).

3. Name every bird.

4. Stop when instructed.

It is a soundtrack to the specific location, turning the movements of birds into human speech.

A space full of ducks will sound very different to one with an occasional passing seagull.

The cumulative effect of multiple voices mimics the sound of a flock of birds.

Sometimes there is silence.

That’s ok.

I don’t repeat the piece to get a better take.

December 2009, Pulls Ferry, Norwich

June 2010, PULSE Festival, Ipswich

September 2010, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland

November 2010, Rob Hillier’s exhibition launch, Norwich Arts Centre

August 2012, West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

February 2013, Forest Fringe at TPAM, Yokohama, Japan


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