2013: One Minute Birdwatching, Yokohama



Photographs courtesy of Takaki Sudo.

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th February 2013, 1pm and 3pm, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan.

1pm Friday 15th February 2013

3pm Friday 15th February 2013

A very rainy day, so not many birds unfortunately. Hopefully tomorrow will be drier!

It was VERY windy today, so the recordings are a bit noisy, but there are many more birds than yesterday to make up for it.

1pm Saturday 16th February 2013

3pm Saturday 16th February 2013
I’m really sorry, but I made a mistake with the timing of this one, and so it’s “55 Second Birdwatching” instead.

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