‘Harmony’ extract at The Junction on Saturday

I’ve just finished devising a ten-minute version of An Audio Guide to Varo’s Harmony, which I will perform at the Mad Artists’ Tea Party at the Junction, Cambridge on Saturday. http://www.junction.co.uk/artist/4755 It follows a performance the night before in Norwich, where I will be performing a live alternative soundtrack to Jan Svankmajer’s 1971 film, Jabberwocky.Continue reading “‘Harmony’ extract at The Junction on Saturday”

Alternative Site Survey, Firstsite, 23.06.12

I surveyed the different floor surfaces at Firstsite, Colchester, to determine which were best for making a pin resonate when dropped. It seems the best surfaces were a kind of stone-effect vinyl which allowed the pin to bounce a little. This made the metal resonate, so the pin sounded sharper and more bell-like.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one step closer…

I’ve just submitted my One Minute Birdwatching form to the fringe, in order to take advantage of the considerable early-bird discount. My performances will be by the fountain in West Princes Street Gardens at 9.30am and 1.30pm every day from Saturday 4th August to Thursday 9th August. Visit the project website for updates: http://www.oneminutebirdwatching.com ThanksContinue reading “Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one step closer…”