New website design

Please bear with me whilst I redesign my website following many years of neglect! I’m currently a postgraduate researcher at University of Dundee, and you can take a look at the wider research project Art at the Start in the meantime:

Hong Kong

I am shortly off to Hong Kong with my project ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’, courtesy of Kwai Tsing Theatre’s Art Snap festival, and Forest Fringe. Updates will be found on the Hear a Pin Drop Here website.

Three works, coming soon

A quick update: Friday 17th May at 11pm (yes, PM) I will be performing a new version of Passing Pluto at Norwich Arts Centre. Friday 24th May from 11am-4pm I am investigating the electromagnetic fields of Corby’s new Cube building, with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Friday 7th June 7.15pm is the culmination of a week’s pinContinue reading “Three works, coming soon”

February 2013

I’ve got two exciting things happening in February: firstly, on Friday 1st February I will be presenting a new piece at ‘Late Night at The Minories’, Colchester, about the physical properties of whalesong. Following that I will be jetting off to Japan to present ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’ and ‘One Minute Birdwatching’ in Yokohama,Continue reading “February 2013”