Hong Kong

I am shortly off to Hong Kong with my project ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’, courtesy of Kwai Tsing Theatre’s Art Snap festival, and Forest Fringe. Updates will be found on the Hear a Pin Drop Here website.

Three works, coming soon

A quick update: Friday 17th May at 11pm (yes, PM) I will be performing a new version of Passing Pluto at Norwich Arts Centre. http://norwichartscentre.co.uk/live-art-club-friday/ Friday 24th May from 11am-4pm I am investigating the electromagnetic fields of Corby’s new Cube building, with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. http://www.fermynwoods.co.uk/current-programme/workshopstalksevents/holly-rumble/ Friday 7th June 7.15pm is the culmination of a week’s pinContinue reading “Three works, coming soon”