Two performances of ‘An Audio Guide to Varo’s Harmony’

I will be performing a new version of ‘An Audio Guide to Varo’s Harmony’ this summer, as part of an ESCALATOR Performing Arts development project. The piece will be performed as a work in progress at PULSE, Ipswich, and then at NEW PERFORMANCE, Norwich Arts Centre on 30th June. It’s going to be five times longer than the original, and have ten times as many props…

other/other/other co-curate The Late Shift, 17th November

I will be performing two new, exhibition-specific pieces as part of The Late Shift, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 6-9pm 17th November.

An Audio Guide to Varo’s ‘Harmony’. A five minute performance in the Lower Gallery, giving a short guide to the painting by Remedios Varo.

A Dialogue With Everything At Once (After Hedsor), a participatory performance where visitors will be asked to stand next to any object in the permanent collection in the Living Area for the duration of the piece.

For more information visit the SCVA website.